Northern Lights in Norway - Lofoten Islands

Abhinav Sharma

Image: Abhinav Sharma, Alpha 7R II (A7RM2) Northern Lights in Norway - Lofoten Islands

Abhinav is a Sydney-based photographer and filmmaker with a passion for weddings and commercial work. 

His short yet eventful photography history has seen him capture a wide range of subjects from friends, family, businesses and weddings to the northern lights in Norway and Iceland. Working through his media production company 85mm Studios, Abhinav has had the privilege of working with some amazing clients to create equally inspiring photographs and films.

Nowadays, you'll find him creating content for local businesses throughout the week and capturing amazing weddings on the weekends!

What is in your camera bag?

Most of the time, my camera bag will consist of:

- Alpha 7S III + Alpha 7 III | 16-35, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm | Tripod and gimbal | Audio gear (lav mics, shotgun mic) | A few filters

What is your go to in your Alpha kit and why?

My go to combo has to be the Sony Alpha 7S III with the 35mm lens. Such a versatile combo in a small and portable package for creating all types of content!

Most memorable moment shooting with Alpha?

Having seen so many breathtaking images of the unique Kirkjufell mountain over the years, I was determined to capture my own. On my trip to Iceland in the middle of winter, driving for a couple of hours through an intense blizzard, unable to see the car ahead apart from a faint glow of brake lights, I made it to the base of the mountain at the Snæfellsnes peninsula. Conditions seemingly worsened as I arrived and with heavy rain and snowfall, I ventured on to climb the mountain. I set up my tripod, slid on some ND filters and composed my shot, framing two small waterfalls in the foreground with the unique mountain in the background and captured one of my favourite images to date.