Lani Carter

Image: Lani Carter, Alpha 7 III (A7M3)

Lani is a Sunshine Coast based wedding and lifestyle photographer with more than 10 years experience. Her versatility as a professional photographer has seen her branch out to many different genres of photography including working within the commercial industry. Over the years she has shot campaigns for industry giants such as Telstra, worked with local magazines, been flown overseas and across the country for weddings, captured births and documented countless families.

Her outgoing personality and love for photography have made her an industry favourite.


What is in your camera bag?

I don't like carrying around a lot of gear. I will generally only have my two camera bodies accompanied by two prime lenses. But if I am shooting a wedding I will throw in some extras, like a 24-70mm lens and a flash.

What is your go to in your Alpha kit and why?

I like to keep my kit pretty minimalistic. I shoot with two camera bodies at all times, my A9 with the Sony 85mm f1.4 GM and my A7 iii with the Sony Zeiss 35mm f1.4 lens. I generally don't use any other lenses and find that this kit gives me the versatility that I need in my shots, while providing the sharpness we have come to depend on from prime lenses.