Camel Traders at Pushkar

Mick Porter

Image: Mick Porter, Alpha 7 II Camel Traders at Pushkar

Mick is a Travel Photographer - based in Brisbane, but often found in India, Japan, or... who knows where? Being awarded 2017 AIPP Australian Professional Travel Photographer of the Year was absolutely one of the high points of Mick's photography career to date, and his fine-art prints and books have continued to receive awards since then. Having used Sony cameras since 2011, Mick is extremely enthusiastic about the creative possibilities that are opened up by Sony's quality and high-tech innovation, and he loves to help others learn to grow in their photography.

What is in your camera bag?

When he's traveling, Mick prefers to keep things light - a Sony A7r iii camera body and the superb Sony 24-105mm zoom lens, and perhaps a fast prime lens such as the Sony 55mm or the wide angle Sony Zeiss 16-35mm. When shooting weddings or other major events, Mick will generally ramp things up with multiple full-frame Sony Alpha bodies and a number of lenses.

What is your go to in your Alpha kit and why?

Without doubt the A7R iii body and the 24-105mm G lens. The combination is simply sensational in terms of professional capability, portability and usability.

Most memorable moment shooting with Alpha?

Wandering the camel farmer campsites at dawn at the Pushkar Mela, and capturing an image of two farmers washing out their breakfast utensils in some amazing smokey sunrise light. The print of that image scored a Gold Award at APPA.