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Hakan Nedjat

Image: Hakan Nedjat, a7R II Digital E-Mount Camera with Back-Illuminated Full Frame Sensor (Body only) Thames Wharf

Hakan is a landscape and astroscape photographer based in the Coromandel, New Zealand. ​Focusing on specific details within the landscape, Hakan's images often veer towards a much simpler and minimalistic composition. Hakan's first camera 6 years ago was a mirrorless Sony and he's been shooting with them ever since, you could say he's old-school when it comes to new-school tech.

What is in your camera bag?

Other than the gear listed below I have a few items I cannot do without:
Tripod - Manfrotto 055 with X-PRO 3-Way tripod head
Torch - LED Lenser M7R
Filters - Haida ND and Formatt-Hitech graduated filters
Power pack - Anker PowerCore

What is your go to in your Alpha kit and why?

Currently it's my 24mm G Master, for a fixed focal length lens it has so much versatility.

Not only is it the perfect lens for astrophotography but it's a great landscape and portrait lens too, the f/1.4 aperture lets you isolate subjects (even landscape elements), and even great for macro with it's close focusing ability.

Most memorable moment shooting with Alpha?

It has to be a trip I did to Tongariro National Park.

On the way through from Auckland I stopped near Rotorua and found the infamous Blue Entoloma (mushroom), I'd been on the hunt for one for almost two years and finally had the chance to add an image of it to my collection (I'm kind of obsessed with mushroom pictures, they look so magical!).

I managed to capture two night sky images that are up there with my favourite astroscape shots. Firstly I stopped at Tawhai Falls to photograph the star trails there. After that, I headed down the road a bit to a location I’d scouted during the day where I could capture the Milky Way rising over Mount Ngauruhoe.

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Hakan Nedjat
Hakan Nedjat
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Rotoroa Island Astro Photography Experience