Tonight Alive - Unify 2019

Neal Walters

Image: Neal Walters, Tonight Alive - Unify 2019

I’m Neal, a professional photographer and videographer from Melbourne, Australia.

Growing up music was an integral part of shaping my life and as a result, I have spent many passionate years crafting my skills in the music industry and working closely with some of Australia’s biggest acts.
I started in photography and evolved into more than capturing stills, I wanted to create motion assets and documentaries both in my home town and across the globe.

Travelling the world and expanding my horizons has lead me to develop these skills both personally and professionally. For three years I facilitated events across Australia as part of a small team for Canon Collective, which was an amazing opportunity to expand into teaching photography and in turn develop my photographic eye across genres.

As someone who values these experiences, I have never considered labelling myself to one specific style of photography and instead have shifted the focus to documenting and capturing life, in every way possible.

What is in your camera bag?

Having made the jump to Sony last year, my current setup is: 
Sony A7RIV

Sony FE 16-35 2.8

Sony FE 24-70 2.8

Most memorable moment shooting with Alpha?

Last year at the Unify Gathering Festival, I was shooting the first night with my brand new A7RIV.
Moments before the headline act took the stage, a massive storm hit and it proceeded to rain for the next few hours. 
Both myself and my sparkling new camera were absolutely soked by the weather, but the camera held up and took some of the most unbelievable images that night. 

My events and articles

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Neal Walters
Neal Walters
8 Jan 2021

Capturing Chaos; Music Photography Tips & Tricks