Silas Chau

Image: Silas Chau,

"Your camera takes really nice pictures".

What is your go to in your Alpha kit and why?

A7 III + Sony 35 1.4 & Sony 85 1.4

The Sony A7 III is currently one of the best value for what you pay for in my opinion. The focus tracking system is great and has been such a game changer for me. I have two equipped on me all day and night.

The Sony 35 1.4 is a great versatile lens which can be used for wide and closeup shots. I take almost over 80% of my wedding galleries with this lens and wouldn't know what I would do without it. Since then I never touched the 55 1.8.

Moreover the best combo with the Sony 35 1.4 would be the Sony 85 1.4 GM ! Super creamy bokeh for portraits, group photos and especially the wedding couple themselves! Currently I can't think of a better combination - change my mind tho!

Most memorable moment shooting with Alpha?

The first time I laid hands on the Sony A7 III was like... magical. Everything I shot from timeless moments to unexpected reactions and emotions - they were all in focus. I trust Sony to the fullest - WOOHOOOO!