Steve Axford

Sony Ambassador
Image: Steve Axford,

Steve is a nature photographer who specialises in fungi photography. His unique talent for capturing nature has led him to be featured in numerous magazines and exhibitions across the globe, including Geo and NatGeo magazines in Europe and New Scientist to name just a couple. Steve's work opened the opportunity to work with mycologists in the Yunan Province in China to facilitate the documentation of local fungi. The success is currently displayed in Moscow's' White Rabbit Restaurant where his photos are exhibited across the venue. Being invited to Moscow to see his work in the public eye was a memorable moment in Steve's career.

Much of his time is now spent with time lapse, where his work has appeared with the BBC on the Planet Earth II series hosted by David Attenborough. Netflix have also started to work with Steve on a long term project to produce a series of fungi time lapse sequences. Further science documentaries are in the works soon to be announced and broadcasted.

What is in your camera bag?

When I go into the forest my camera bag needs to be light, so I take my Sony a7RII with the Sony FE FE 90M f2.8 G macro lens. I also have a carbon fibre tripod, a ball head, Sony remote control plus some spare batteries.

What is your go to in your Alpha kit and why?

The Sony a7RII with the Sony FE FE 90M f2.8 G macro because they take such beautiful and clear pictures.

Most memorable moment shooting with Alpha?

Being able to use the camera in places that would not be possible without the tilt screen and accurate focusing on the screen.