Zeeshan Zafar

Image: Zeeshan Zafar, Alpha 9 (A9) Jemima

I am a Melbourne based Portraiture Photographer and Photography Trainer. I started my photography journey as a Car Sports Photographer in 2004, but soon after I realised I am a people person and should be working with humans rather cars. I shoot and teach a wide range of photography styles such as fashion, beauty, glamour, beach, and boudoirs. Being an award-winning and AIPP photographer, my work has been published internationally in many prestigious magazines such as Vouge Australia, Dark Beauty etc. I love traveling, meeting new people, making friends, listening and helping others, and love sharing my photography passion and knowledge with other creatives.

What is in your camera bag?

Sony A7RIII Sony 24-70 GM F2.8 Sony 70-200 GM F2.8

What is your go to in your Alpha kit and why?

Since I travel a lot, my favorite go-to kit is my beloved Sony A7RIII and Sony 24-70 f2.8 GM. Being a portrait photographer, the kit allows me to capture the shots at their best out of the camera composition, and the kit is extremely light weight for traveling and best fit for purpose. Additionally, I never leave my 70-200 F2.8 GM behind :)

Most memorable moment shooting with Alpha?

A few months ago I was in Sydney for a Beach Shoot. I arrived at the location early morning just before the sunrise, before the crew arrived. I very rarely shoot landscapes, but by looking at the breathtaking view of the sunrise I couldn't stop myself from taking my go-to kit (Sony A7RIII + 24-70 F2.8 GM) out of the bag and took some landscapes of the sunrise. My wife loved one of the shots so much that she printed and hanged it in our family lounge. Now, whenever I look at the shot it reminds me of the beautiful memory and that I had my Sony 24-70 F2.8 GM which helped me capturing that amazing moment on a wide angle.

My events and articles

Last Portrait Photo Walk of 2021 - Melbourne
Zeeshan Zafar
Zeeshan Zafar
19 Dec

Last Portrait Photo Walk of 2021 - Melbourne

Melbourne, VIC