Best on-camera Mic


Compact but powerful, the ECM-B1M is built with 8-individual capsule nodes for supreme audio capture regardless of the source.

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Best Microphone unit


Sony's most advanced microphone unit, the XLR-K3M supports two XLR microphone inputs for the highest quality audio capture with individual gain control.

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Best Wireless Microphone


Achieve incredibly stable wireless audio recording with the ECM-W2BT. Powered by the Qualcomm® aptX™ Low Latency Bluetooth® codec, this Bluetooth microphone delivers exceptional range with undiminished audio quality.

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Be heard with Sony's leading microphones

Capture the exact sounds you want anywhere and anytime with microphones made to work in perfect unity with your Sony camera.

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Pristine videos deserve pure sound

A Sony microphone is your camera's perfect companion, elevating the quality of your audio recordings to professional levels.

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Our favourite microphones

  • Product Image | ECM-B1M


    Product Image | ECM-B1M

    Three directivity modes

    Advanced digital signal processing makes it possible to offer three switchable directivity patterns in one versatile microphone: super-directional, unidirectional, and omnidirectional.

    Essential controls

    Record level control; wide camera compatibility with an analogue audio output; and an attenuator that makes it easy to set optimum signal levels all add to this microphone's versatility. This level of control can contribute to smooth, stress-free post production.

    Cable-free connection

    Powered by any Hotshoe, the ECM-B1M offers easy, cable free control without the need for batteries. When paired with a compatible Sony α camera take advantage of Digital Audio Interface, the next level in high fidelity audio recording.

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  • Product Image | XLR-K3M


    Product Image | XLR-K3M

    Versatile connectivity

    Two XLR/TRS combo jacks and one 3.5 mm stereo mini microphone jack are provided for input. The XLR/TRS combo jacks are switchable for line input, microphone input, or microphone input with 48V phantom power.

    Comprehensive control

    Comprehensive controllability at the recording stage can greatly facilitate the post processing workflow. Record level (AUTO/MANUAL), record level link (INPUT 1 – INPUT 2), attenuator, and low-cut filter (100/300 Hz) controls are provided.

    Mechanical noise suppression

    An advanced shock and vibration suppressing design effectively minimises low-frequency handling noise which can degrade audio quality. The option for direct on-camera mounting, without additional connecting cables, further reduces the risk of handling noise ruining your audio capture.

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  • Product Image | ECM-W2BT and ECM-LV1

    ECM-W2BT & ECM-LV1

    Product Image | ECM-W2BT Product Image | ECM-LV1

    Protection against recording failures

    The ECM-W2BT features clear indicator LEDs on the receiver for peace of mind while recording. A LINK lamp shows the status of communication between the microphone and receiver, while a POWER lamp indicates remaining battery charge.

    Stable audio recording

    Utilising Qualcomm aptX Low Latency Bluetooth, the ECM-W2BT offers improved wireless connectivity with greatly reduced risk of interruptions even in crowded settings. In a location with good visibility without obstacles, communication is possible at up to 200 metres* for ultimate flexibility in recording setups.

    * Up to 200m (600ft), in locations with good visibility.

    Perfectly paired with the ECM-LV1 microphone

    The all-black, simple and unobtrusive design of the ECM-LV1 enables distraction-free audio recording, for use with any type of clothing. The clip rotates 360 degrees, which allows it to be positioned anywhere on your clothing.

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  • Product Image | ECM-GZ1M


    Product Image | ECM-GZ1M

    Target audio recording with shotgun design

    The gun mic mode allows the microphone to target and record sound in a specific direction by simply point the microphone toward the source. Zoom mic mode adjusts the audio range to match the video zoom position*.

    * Mono microphone only

    Simple operation

    Powered directly from and controlled by the camera, the ECM-GZ1M delivers fluid and easy operation. Simply attach to a camera with an Active Interface Shoe for instant audio recording.

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Hear the difference

Discover the difference that a Sony microphone can make to your audio when paired with your Sony camera by clicking on the shooting scenario of your choice below.


Sony's most advanced off camera flash


The HVL-F60RM flash unit features high GN60 power, high-speed continuous shooting support, and fast operation that are ideal for advanced to professional users. Wireless radio commander/receiver functionality is included.

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Powerful yet compact


High-performance flash lighting in a compact body. Explore freedom of built-in wireless radio control in multi-flash settings and conventional optical wireless communication. Easy operation, excellent reliability, expert results – a versatile flash unit for all types of users.

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Made by Sony for stunning images


This high-output GN28 flash offers the type of optimised performance and control that only a genuine Sony product can provide. It can be controlled directly from the camera and is small enough to fit in a pocket while offering professional durability as well as wireless radio communication for a wide range of applications.

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Our favourite flashes

  • Product Image | HVL-F60RM


    Product Image | HVL-F60RM

    Reliable multi-flash radio control

    In addition to optical remote triggering, wireless radio triggering is supported. Wireless radio communication works reliably at distances of up to 30 metres and even around obstacles or in bright conditions. A total of 15 flash units can be assigned to up to 5 groups

    Stable wireless radio communication

    Conventional optical triggering and wireless radio triggering cover a wide range of situations. A HVL-F60RM mounted on a compatible camera can be paired with off-camera units to provide reliable communication over long distances in conditions that would make optical communication difficult. Slow sync, rear-curtain sync, and multi flash are supported.

    Multi flash radio control

    Up to 15 flash units can be assigned to up to 5 groups for wireless flash control at distances of up to 30 metres. Optional Wireless Radio Commander (FA-WRC1M) and Wireless Radio Receiver (FA-WRR1) units allow the HVL-F60RM to be used with Sony flash units that do not have built-in radio wireless capability, as well as the radio-capable HVL-F45RM.

    Continuous shooting support

    Charge cycle time is 1.7 seconds or just 0.6 second with the External Battery Adaptor (FA-EBA1) (optional) for continuous shooting. Proper flash synchronisation is maintained during continuous shooting, minimising flash misfires and ruined shots.

    Sony original Quick Shift Bounce

    Quickly shift from horizontal to vertical orientation, 90° left or right, upward by up to 150°, and downward by 8° for flexible positioning and optimum lighting when frame angles need to be changed quickly. A refined compact mechanism is ideally matched to E-mount cameras, complementing the compact convenience and portability of the E-mount system.

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  • Product Image | HVL-F45RM


    Product Image | HVL-F45RM

    High-power compact flash

    This dramatically downsized compact lightweight clip-on flash with guide number (GN) 45 is best suited to use with the α7 series. The flash supplies powerful output even for bounce lighting, recycling only takes approx. 2.5 seconds , and stamina in performance delivers up to approx. 210 bursts.

    High-speed sync (HSS)

    Take advantage of higher shutter speeds using High-Speed Sync (HSS). In certain environments, conventional flash units require the shutter speed to be the same, or slower, than the synced-flash speed, forcing the photographer to narrow the aperture to gain correct exposure. This makes it difficult to get pleasing background blur and nice bokeh.

    By using HSS, the flash unit can be used when the camera is set to any shutter speed. This allows the full aperture range of the lens for greater background blur and beautiful portraits. Wireless HSS is also possible with compatible cameras.


    Bounce head for flexible lighting

    HVL-F45RM bounce head for flexible lighting rotates 360° horizontally (180° in both left and right directions) and also tilts 150° upward and 8° downward, providing the illumination you want depending on shooting situations.

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  • Product Image | HVL-F28RM


    Product Image | HVL-F28RM

    Small, powerful, reliable, radio wireless flash

    This high-output GN28 flash offers the type of optimised performance and control that only a genuine Sony product can provide. It can be controlled directly from the camera and is small enough to fit in a pocket while offering professional durability as well as wireless radio communication for a wide range of applications.

    Comprehensive control from the camera

    Flash compensation, light ratio, and other detailed flash parameters can be controlled directly from a compatible camera, and a custom key assignment can allow adjustments to be made while looking through the viewfinder.

    Flash control based on face detection

    The HVL-F28RM works with the face detection capabilities of compatible cameras to balance flash output with ambient light conditions so that subject's face is rendered with lifelike, accurate skin tones.

    Stable radio wireless communication

    The HVL-F28RM features stable radio wireless communication. One HVL-F28RM that will function as a commander can be mounted on a compatible camera and paired with other off-camera HVL-F28RM units that will function as a receiver. Slow sync, rear-curtain sync, and multi flash are supported.

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Bluetooth Wireless Grip


Compact and robust, the battery operated Bluetooth grip GP-VPT2BT offers quick and easy camera operation via shortcut buttons with an ergonomic design to support long periods of use.

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Battery Grip for 4th Gen Alpha Cameras


Extend Sony 4th Gen camera’s control for easy vertical use with the VG-C4EM. Custom buttons, shutter release button, and two control wheels are built into the grip for smooth use. Additionally, the VG-C4EM supports two (2) Z-Series batteries to double battery life.

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Our favourite grips

  • Product Image | GP-VPT2BT


    Product Image | GP-VPT2BT

    BLUETOOTH® wireless remote commander

    With a compatible camera attached, remote controls for still and movie shooting can be operated while holding the grip normally, without having to touch the camera. Any function assigned to the camera's C1 button can also be recalled via the remote grip C1 button.

    Contoured for comfort

    The grip has been carefully designed to provide optimum stability and comfort, whether attached to a compact or mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. Remote control buttons are easily accessible while holding the grip, for smooth, intuitive operation.

    Dust and moisture resistant

    In addition to an overall grip design that keeps dust and moisture out, the absence of cables means that the camera's connector covers can stay closed, for maximum system dust and moisture resistance

    It's a tripod too

    Spread the grip's cleverly integrated legs and it becomes a handy, stable tripod, leaving both hands free for vlogging and other applications

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  • Product Image | VG-C4EM


    Product Image | VG-C4EM

    Easy operation in vertical orientation

    The VG-C4EM provides operational controls nearly the same as those of the camera body. The location, size, and shape of buttons are optimised, using the same material used on the α9 II and α7R IV bodies. As a result, the function, location and operational "feel", of the controls simulates those on the camera body, when the camera is held vertically.

    Reliable dust/moisture resistance

    The camera-grip attachment features the same sealing material used on the camera body, to keep out dust and moisture. This improves the overall reliability of the camera system.

    Effective operating duration doubled

    The VG-C4EM can hold one or two NP-FZ100 batteries. When using two batteries, the camera will operate for nearly twice as long as when using one battery. Remaining battery power is indicated on the LCD screen, in 1% increments. When one battery expires, the camera automatically switches to the other, allowing continuous operation.

    Light yet durable magnesium alloy body

    The exterior of the VG-C4EM is made of the same magnesium alloy that is used in the 4th Gen full-frame Alpha bodies, to provide the same rigidity as the cameras themselves yet keep the overall weight and bulk to a minimum.

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Media Cards

The tough series of media cards from Sony offer uncompromised build quality with impressively fast read and write speeds to quickly transfer the large volumes of data captured by an Alpha-series camera

Rugged. Reliable. Ready for everything.

Sony Tough media cards are designed for the unpredictability of location shoots or the hazards of outdoor expeditions. They are designed for extended professional use in the most challenging environments – from snow-covered mountains to sand-blown deserts – so you can shoot, swap and store with total confidence.

Ultra-high-speed storage for innovative creators

Sony Tough media cards maximise the capabilities of α-series cameras and the latest image-processing engines. For creators seeking higher levels of performance and expression, the Tough Series of SD cards reach read speeds of 300MB/s and the newly designed CF Express Type A reaching an astounding 800 MB/s.

World's toughest: 18X more bending resistance

An ultra-strong resin-moulded design makes SF-M series TOUGH specification cards 18 times more resistant to bending than the SD standard. That's toughness you can rely on.

IP68 waterproof and dustproof

Our SF-M series TOUGH specification cards can be immersed in 5 metres of water for up to 72 hours, and are completely dustproof. That's total protection for shooting in all conditions.

Shock-resistant: Withstands drops of up to 5 metres

Made from rock-solid materials in a one-piece mould, SF-M series TOUGH specification withstands drops of up to 5 metres.*

* Based on Sony testing

See our favourite media cards and readers

CF Express Type A series

CEA-G160T / CEA-G80T
  • Ultra-fast read speed of up to 800MB/s and astoundingly fast write speed of up to 700MB/s
  • VPG 400 rating
  • TOUGH, IP57-rated for professional reliability
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Media Card Reader

  • Compatible with Sony CF Express Type A and SD cards
  • SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps (USB 3.2)
  • Ultra high speed backup of large files
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G Series SD Card

SF-G series (T)
  • Extremely fast read speed of 300MB/s and write speed of 299MB/s to support shooting of high resolution images and large video files
  • Superior reliability, designed to be X-ray proof, waterproof, temperature resistant and shock-proof
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M Series SD Card

SF-M series (T)
  • IP68 dust and water proofing
  • Enjoy fast speed of up to 277MB/s read, and up to 150MB/s write
  • SD Scan Utility monitors the condition of your card and lets you know before it has reached its write cycle limit
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Sony’s high performance batteries are constructed from the best materials to deliver outstanding power and reliability.

Never miss a shot with batteries that run all day even in challenging conditions

Achieve up to 740 shots* on a full frame camera from a single charge

Flexible and fast recharging options to shoot quicker

See our favourite batteries

Z Series battery

  • High capacity Lithium-Ion for ILC cameras
  • Achieve 740 shots* from a single charge
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W Series battery

  • Lithium-Ion battery for ILC cameras
  • Compact and rechargeable battery
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X Series battery

  • Lithium-Ion battery for Sony compact cameras
  • 1240mAh capacity
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X Series battery and travel charger kit

  • Versatile charger that doubles as a battery case when you’re not using it
  • Charge from a PC, in-car or via AC adaptor
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W Series Charger and Battery Kit

  • Compact, multi-voltage (100-240V) charger is ideal for travel
  • Includes fast charge Battery Charger and W Series Rechargeable Battery Pack
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* Approx. Tested on the ILCE-7C (LCD monitor)(CIPA standard)

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