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Starting Never Ends is the one place for all Sony camera mini-sites. Learn about all new Sony camera products in a fun interactive way.

Events, photo walks, talks from the masters, in-depth workshops. Expand your horizons with one of our many events across Australia.

Starting Never Ends is the one place for all Sony camera mini-sites. Learn about all new Sony camera products in a fun interactive way.


Alpha 7C

The World's Smallest + Lightest Full Frame Camera*

*Among digital ILC cameras that incorporate a full-size sensor with in-body image stabilisation

Key Features

A Full-Frame sensor gives you so much creative freedom.
But what exactly does this mean?

Size Matters

Compare sizes to suit your photography style

Alpha 7 III + FE 28-70mm
Alpha 7 III + FE 28-70mm
Weight: 945g
FE 28-70mm
Size: 72.5 x 83mm
Weight: 295g
Alpha 7 III
Size: 126.9 x 95.6 x 73.7mm
Weight: 650g with battery & memory
Alpha 7C + FE 28-60mm
Alpha 7C + FE 28-60mm
Weight: 676g
FE 28-60mm
Size: 66.6 x 45mm
Weight: 167g
Alpha 7C
Size: 124 x 71.1 x 59.7 mm
Weight: 509g with battery & memory

Product Video

The Perfect Creative Partner

Pair your Alpha 7C with lenses and accessories that can support your creative endeavours and take your photography to the next level.

  • Product Image | Creative Shooting

    Creative Shooting

    Product Image | SELF24F14GM

    Enhance your landscape shooting

    The FE 24mm F1.4 GM offers corner to corner sharpness, smooth bokeh and all in a class-leading compact design.

    Learn more
    Product Image | SELF24F14GM

    The trusted all-rounder

    The SEL2470GM is perfect for all shooting situations. With high resolution, corner-to-corner sharpness and bokeh, you will never be limited in the moment.

    Learn more
    Product Image | SELF24F14GM

    Unlimited creative potential

    The 16-35MM F2.8 GM lens offers a variety of creative solutions for all photography types, from stunning landscapes to lowlight situations.

    Learn more
  • Product Image | On the Move

    Shooting on the move

    Product Image | SEL20F18G

    Perfect for anything

    Sleek and compact design of the 20mm F1.8G compliments your Alpha 7C without compromising the quality of your image. Perfect for anything, from vlogging to wide-angle landscapes.

    Learn more
    Product Image | SEL55F18Z

    Perfect for portraits

    The 55mm F1.8 ZEISS is perfect for portraits, with sharpness and clarity. Contained in a sleek design, this is an everday fan favourite.

    Learn more
    Product Image | SEL35F28Z

    Perfect for street photography

    With it's minimal design and sharp image quality, this is a perfect companion for street photography.

    Learn more
    Product Image | SEL35F18F

    Corner-to-corner sharpness

    Outstanding image quality, with corner-to-corner sharpness and smooth bokeh. This lens will not disappoint.

    Learn more
    Product Image | SEL50F18F

    Impressive optical performance

    This lens offers impressive optical performance in a compact and lightweight body so you don't have to compromise on image quality.

    Learn more
    Product Image | SEL85F18

    Perfect for portraits and events

    Lightweight design that blends portability and high image quality for portraits, events, and more.

    Learn more
  • Product Image | Casual Shooting

    Casual Shooting

    Product Image | SEL24105G

    Compact, lightweight and versatile

    The compact and lightweight design and impressive zoom range supports easy shooting in a variety of situations.

    Learn more
    Product Image | SEL2470Z

    A versatile zoom for everyday shooting

    A constant F4 maximum aperture enables consistent exposure settings throughout the 24mm to 70mm zoom range.

    Learn more
    Product Image | SEL1635Z

    Great for snapshots, indoor, group shots and landscapes

    A versatile zoom range coupled with built-in optical image stabilisation makes this lens a great choice for snapshots, indoor scenes, group shots, landscapes, and more.

    Learn more
    Product Image | SEL2860

    Small, light and full-frame

    The world’s smallest and lightest E Mount full-frame compatible zoom lens, this is the perfect everyday companion that has been built to compliment the Alpha 7C.

    Learn more
  • Product Image | Accessories


    Product Image | GPVPT2BT

    Shooting Grip With Wireless Remote Commander

    Bluetooth® wireless communication means that no connecting cables are required to transmit control signals from the grip to the camera. Simply aim and shoot with no cables to get in the way.

    Learn more
    Product Image | HVLF28RM

    External Flash with Wireless Radio Control

    This powerful, reliable, radio wireless flash offers optimised performance and control for stunning images

    Learn more
    Product Image | ECMB1M

    Shotgun Microphone

    This premium microphone provides an effective low-cut filter that cuts out subsonic noise to maximise audio quality while shooting

    Learn more
    Product Image | ECMGZ1M

    Gun Zoom Microphone

    Designed to help isolate your desired recordings while cutting out unwanted ambient noise. Gun mic mode lets you target and record sound in a specific direction.

    Learn more

Create your vision

To the creatives; the visionaries; the storytellers, this one's for you.
Say hello to the Alpha 7C - The world's smallest and lightest* full-frame camera body.

Meet the creators

Discover more about the creators from our Create Your Vision campaign, their creative processes and first impressions of the Alpha 7C.

Photo of Katherine Sabbath

Katherine Sabbath

Cake Creative

Read more
Photo of Mitch Revs

Mitch Revs

Painter & Illustrator

Read more


Kase Avila has long been a cornerstone of the Sydney music scene; his brand of ebullient and soulful beats have been filling dancefloors and bedrooms of hip-hop heads for the better part of a decade. In 2019 he released his first ever LP 'Soul Calibre', a project that also marked his debut on renowned label Low Key Source. His latest project 'Minerva' signifies Kase's continuing ambition to preserve the purism of hip-hop while simultaneously pushing its boundaries with one kick, snare, and key at a time. Kase is also a prominent figure in the streetwear scene in Australia, being one of the founding members of the renowned CAPSULE Store.

Q&A with Kase

What inspires your creativity?
My family and friends. I am very blessed to have an amazing cast of people around me. They have a positive aura that also oozes a tonne of creativity. It's hard not to be inspired when I am constantly surrounded by it on a daily basis.
Music is only one part of your creative outlet. What are the other things that get you up in the morning?
I have a strong passion for anything related to design. I love taking photographs, particularly in editorial fashion. I currently help a couple of friends who run small retail businesses with their editorial content. I also have a degree in Industrial Design and dabble in a bit of design in my spare time. I love basketball and sneakers and sometimes combine both in my own art. I've been known to draw a couple of sneakers here and there as well!
What are some important lessons you've learnt in your music career thus far?
To be true and genuine and to be careful about ‘trends'. It's easy to latch on to what is popular but people can easily see through it. Your passion and hard work will generally outshine everything else.
What's one thing you would like people to take away from your style?
To have fun. Once it doesn't get fun is it even worth it any more?
Do you have any creative mentors or someone who has influenced your work?
The biggest inspiration for me is a hip hop producer named J-Dilla. He was a pioneer for that boom-bap 90's hip hop style. He was an innovator and influential when it came to sampling. His drum programming, chord progressios and basslines were on a different level. He was so ahead of his time and is somebody that everybody still tries to mimic and aspire to.
Any advice for up and coming music producers?
To trust the process and to be patient. Don't be phased about not being heard and not getting the attention you think you deserve. Have clear intentions. Are you doing it for yourself? Or are you doing it for the props? Most importantly, don't rely on social media to give you satisfaction. The only person you need to validate your work is yourself.
When you first saw the Alpha 7C, what was your first impression?
The form was something to behold. The size combined with the two-tone finish was something that drew me in straight away. It had a sense of nostalgia with an ode to classic point-and-shoot bodies but then had all the new digital full-frame capabilities that blew my mind.
Is there a feature of the Alpha 7C that is going to benefit your photography?
The size! It's a little pocket rocket. I can tuck it into the pouch pocket in my hoodie and carry it around everywhere without it being obtrusive. The autofocus, particularly in video, will also help me when I'm making my music videos for social media as well. It's a must-have for those who dabble in multiple creative fields.


Sydney cake queen Katherine Sabbath is one of the coolest creatives around, loved equally for her cutting-edge cake designs and quirky personal style. Kat is a high school teacher turned cake creative whose unique designs are celebrated by baking enthusiasts globally. She shares her creations and innovative recipes with her half a million followers, who hang on every sprinkle. Most recently, Kat has rather fortuitously become the new owner of Creative Cake Decorating – a premium Australian made food-colouring company, established in 1986. She now works there full-time and continues to celebrate the joy of creative cake making with dessert lovers worldwide. Kat lives in Sydney with her four legged doggo bestie Pluto & her extended family of indoor plants.

Q&A with Katherine

What inspired you to start your cake decorating career?
Like most kids, I loved the allure of cakes and fantastical looking sweet things. My real passion for baking though was ignited in high school, when I began baking little sweet treats to share with my friends on our birthdays. It's a really thoughtful and fun way to show someone that you care about them - and with practice, totally delicious!
What drives you to keep creating new and wonderful designs?
The pure joy of creating, trying new things, and sharing this goodness with loved ones! I love to challenge myself and find more efficient ways to create utter deliciousness.
What would we find you doing when you're not creating your next masterpiece?
You can usually find me working away at Creative Cake Decorating, playing with my dog Pluto in the park, tending to my family of rapidly growing indoor plants, and sharpening up my photography skills.
Do you have a creative mentor or someone who has influenced your work?
I'm greatly influenced by Aussie pastry chef legends (of whom I'm lucky enough to now consider my friends), Kirsten Tibballs, Adriano Zumbo, and Anna Polyviou.
What's one piece of advice that you'd tell your younger self?
Ignore any feedback that isn't constructive. Oh, and learn how to do your taxes.
Any career advice for young or fresh bakers?
Bake with the flavours that you enjoy eating, the designs that you enjoy creating, and for the people who you love!
When you saw the Alpha 7C, what was your first impression?
It's a beautifully designed and compact camera, with an extremely handy articulated screen.
Is there a feature of the Alpha 7C that is going to benefit your photography?
The superb image quality is the most important feature for me, as well as the general ease of use. This is where the autofocus, recording functionality, and phone connectivity really shine!


Mitch Revs is a self-taught artist & illustrator working and living in Newcastle, Australia. Starting out as an apprentice tattooist, Mitch made the transition to murals and fine art developing his distinctive colourful and cartoon-like style. Mitch's coastal lifestyle is reflected in his artwork, with inspiration drawn from his upbringing which revolved around surfing & skating. Late 2019 saw the opening of the Mitch Revs Gallery. This colourful space is found in Newcastle's CBD and is home to all of Mitch's work. The gallery offers custom printing and framing, weekly workshops for Kids and Adults, exhibitions and more.

Q&A with Mitch

What inspires your creativity?
My home town plays a big part in motivating and inspiring me to create. Newcastle is such a beautiful city that has so much to offer. With its world class beaches & historical landmarks, capturing these surroundings in a unique artistic way brings a sense of colour, humour & nostalgia to those who find themselves standing in front of these artworks.
Can you tell us the story behind one of your favourite pieces?
I posted a caption on Instagram about 12 months ago - "You might think that you are not a creative person / parent & that is O.K, just make sure this does not lead you to unintentionally remove the influence of creativity from the youth of today. Let them decide their future. Cover them in paint & let colour become part of their life before they find the iPad". I ended up making this into an artwork. This piece has not only inspired others to do this, it inspired our gallery to create kids workshops and teach the importance of creativity.
When you're not immersed in creating, what are you doing?
I think I speak for almost every creative when I say this, it never stops. When I'm not immersed in a commissioned project, I am working on my own pieces, planning, thinking, making. Surfing Is a great outlet for me - it's one of the only things that allows me to temporarily zone out, while still being inspired by the ocean.
What do you hope people take away from your art?
I just want to encourage other people to create. I vividly remember when I was a kid hearing about artists like Vincent van Gogh, Michael Leunig, Ken Done. They were sooo cool, I wanted to be just like them. I would sit and just trace other people's artwork because I didn't have a clue how to come up with something. I had no vision, no concept, I would get so frustrated. I just wanted to draw something, anything. No one told me that It takes time, just like anything else in this life. You need to put in your 10,000 hours. Cartoons are a great starting point. You can make your own stories, characters and take the viewer on an adventure.
Is there someone who has influenced your craft or a person you consider a mentor?
Michael "Eggo" Eggleston - Mick is a local artist in Newcastle and is a big inspiration of mine.Originally Eggo worked for the newspaper as a cartoonist here in Newcastle, before making the transition to a more traditional art practice - painting landscapes. Being a kid and having someone like Mick to look up to really helped me get to where I am today. I can only hope that I am making the same mark on kids these days.
What advice do you have for aspiring artists trying to make it?
Art needs to evolve from the passion you have for the craft not for the profit. I know it's easier said than done but it's so common these days. We live in such a fast-paced world where trends and fads come and go day by day. With social media at our fingertips it's easy to get your art in front of someone on the other side of the world with the simple click of a button, but what is going to catch their attention in that split second before they scroll to the next slide? Point of difference! Find your own style - it's so important.
When you first saw the Alpha 7C, what was your first impression?
I was really excited. The two tone design really caught my eye. It looked different to the other cameras I've used before. Then hearing about all the tech crammed inside was icing on the cake.
Is there a feature of the Alpha 7C that is going to benefit your photography?
There are a few things about this new camera that will really benefit me. The size and weight being number one. The second would be the flip out screen. And lastly knowing the camera has that full frame sensor! I've got the confidence that when I shoot my artwork, I know the viewer will see a stack of detail that they'd only get in person when they came into my gallery.
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