Find out how full-time content creators shoot pro-quality videos
at home and on the go

Discover top tips from two professional content creators, Elly Awesome and Kim Dao, and learn how to optimise your shooting set up and take your content to the next level.

Top Tips

Elly Awesome | Vlogging 101

Listen and learn as content creator, Elly Awesome, shares her top tips on all things vlogging.

Kim Dao | Choosing a Vlogging Camera

Looking for new vlogging gear? Content creator, Kim Dao, shares what she looks out for when choosing a vlogging camera.

Lighting at Home

Kim Dao | A Lesson in Lighting

Want to improve the look and feel of your videos? Vlogger Kim Dao shares her advice on the best ways to light your shooting set-up.

Elly Awesome | A Lesson in Lighting

On the look out for tips on how to light your videos like a pro? Elly Awesome talks through her top tips for maximising the light sources around you.

Advice for Vloggers

Kim Dao | Vlogging on the Go

Shoot with confidence anywhere you go with these helpful tips from vlogger Kim Dao.

Elly Awesome | Creating Thumbnails

Looking to level up your thumbnail game? Elly Awesome takes us through her tips for creating amazing thumbnails for your videos.

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