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Brett Harris

Image: Brett Harris, Table Top Mountain Toowoomba Range QueensLand

Brett Harris has been passionate about photography since the old film days and now uses his Mirrorless Digital Camera to capture those special moments. His interest started around 11 years ago but has currently turned his passion into a business and is based near Brisbane in Queensland. He excels in various forms of photography using models of all shapes and sizes, props and the environment. Seeing the world in pictures through his lens, Brett is known for his creative photography in the area of his unusual artistic themes. He offers a variety of photography such as Landscapes, Weddings, Production Themes/Corporate and Portraits (Traditional, Family and Glamour) Shoots and in Studio sessions/workshops, and photo walks & workshops for his Brisbane Sony alpha group - FaceBook.

What is in your camera bag?

What's in my Camera Bag. Usually I'll have my A7III and 5 go to Lenses, (see my cameras and Lenses list below the page.) and other camera gear accessories eg such as cleaning kit,spare batteries, spare SD Cards, my Color Checker Card, and Tripod and mini Tripod. My camera bag is always ready for any shoot and adjust to what is needed.

What is your go to in your Alpha kit and why?

1# For my Landscapes ~ My go to camera would be my trusted A7III, and two of my favorites lenses 16-35mm FE f4 ZA and the 70-200mm FE f4 G OSS. My choice of the lenses gives me a broad range of focal lengths from 16mm to 200mm and even (300mm in crop mode) for the extra reach. I keep my Camera bag as light as possible with a small amount of my camera accessories.

2# For Events ~ Portraits, Street and group photowalks. A7III and most of my lenses would be of and depending on at the time and what is needed ~ 16-35mm FE f4 ZA, 24-70mm FE f4 ZA, 55mm FE f1.8 ZA, 85mm FE f1.8, 90mm Macro FE f2.8 G OSS, 70-200mm FE f4 G OSS. Not all lenses are required and to keep things light for travel as I have other accessories; eg speedlights, trigger etc.

3# Weddings ~ Two camera bodies A7II, A7III, Lenses 16-35mm FE f4 ZA, 24-70mm FE f4 ZA, 85mm FE f1.8, 90mm Macro FE f2.8 G OSS, 70-200mm FE f4 G OSS.

The 3 zoom lenses I have allows me the width and reach that the prime lenses cannot cover. For example when capturing those special moments at a wedding, I'm not in the way of a ceremony while using my zoom lense opposed to the prime lense.

4# Studio ~ A7III, Lenses ~ 85mm FE f1.8, 90mm Macro FE f2.8 G OSS, 55mm FE f1.8 ZA, 24-70mm FE f4 ZA. These are my primary go to lenses in studio. The 70-200mm FE f4 G OSS is a exception, if there is enough studio space.


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Brett Harris
Brett Harris
16 Feb

Brisbane City Photo Walk

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