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Luke Tscharke
Landscape Photographer
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Location: Lion Rock, Australia
Camera: Alpha 7R IV
Lens: SONY FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM
Settings: ISO 100 / F11 / 1.6s

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The Alpha 7R IV is the perfect camera for an active landscape photographer. The compact size means that it can come on all of my hikes. Combined with great autofocus, comfortable ergonomics, high resolution, and improved weather sealing, it is a camera to really get excited about.
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The FE 16-35mm F2.8 GM is a favourite and is my workhorse taking the majority of my wide-angle images. It is tack sharp, has a useful 82mm filter thread, and opens wide to f/2.8 meaning it is also highly usable for astrophotography. If I could only take one lens on a landscape photography assignment this would be it.
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A sturdy and compact tripod, the Sirui W2204 is an essential item for a landscape photographer. This tripod has waterproof leg locks which keep water out of the legs, and is very useful when shooting seascapes or waterfalls. The carbon fibre construction keeps weight down which all adds up when I take my backpack out on the trail.
I use various filters in landscape photography that allow for differing effects in the resultant image. Polarisers help to cut glare from surfaces and improve the colour saturation of greens when shooting in forests. ND filters help to increase my shutter speeds allowing for motion blur effects on water. Light pollution filters cut out the yellow cast from sodium vapour lights.
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